Free Giveaways from Sheila Walsh

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I have never met Sheila Walsh, but I would enjoy some time in her company. She loves Jesus. A lot!

Quiet comes to us in all kinds of ways. As you take time to “breathe” this summer, Sheila’s resource pack might be a blessing for you . . . or someone you know.

  • Quiet Time Strategies
  • 5 Devotions for Calming the Chaos and Connecting with God
  • Quiet Time Pocket Prayer
  • 2 sets of Scripture Coloring Pages

Eyes on Jesus!


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10 thoughts on “Free Giveaways from Sheila Walsh”

  1. Those resources sound like just what the Doctor ordered! If I don’t win, I will check into them for myself & a friend.

    • Praise the Lord !!
      Pause. Breathe. Rest. Repeat.
      Even if it is just in 5 minute breaks.
      Watching the sun dance in the leaves in a great way to Take Five!

  2. Thank you so much. I listened to her testimony and was so blessed and encouraged. God heals the deepest wounds of our heart, often in way we least expect.

    • Darcy – !
      Oh man! Maybe the link timed out. I will check.
      Note: I DID have to give them my email address.
      From there, they sent me a link.
      Did you find a sign in place?

      • By sign, do you mean the orange “free download” button? If so, then yes. You are right, it may have timed out. Darcy

          • I was able to get the downloads. I did have to give my email because the giveaways come in a separate email. You are also enrolled in her daily reading/blog, but you can unsubscribe to that if you don’t like it. Once on her site, I listened to her story which will be in her new book if I understand correctly. It is a very powerful and vulnerable testimony of our powerful God. I did have to start from the Internet and not just from your site. It was a bit confusing. But if I could do it anyone can.

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