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  1. I think I appreciate the passage in Joshua the most because I’m often hurrying into prayer and wanting it be done. It takes a minute to realize that I’m talking to God and I should sit and be quiet and listen to him. Then I think, what if Jesus said, I’d like to talk to you today, but I’ve got other things I want to do. Ouch. slow down and listen is what I have to remind myself of when I pray. (by the way, I’m going through a series on prayer on my blog at https://cliffymania.com/blog/pray-like-sinner/, I’m covering the prayers we find in the Bible from beginning to end to see how the people of the Bible prayed. Let me know if you find it interesting)

    • Cliff,
      Listening. It is a fine art that most of us need to explore. But when I do, I am always blessed.
      I like your prayer series…the lay out, the focus, the meat. It pulled me in. Thanks for sharing.
      Run hard. Rest well!

      • Thank you, Brenda, I appreciate that. I’m enjoying your blog as well. I’m one of those people who has a problem with resting. I’ve really appreciated your insights.

  2. The Psalm is not comforting. It reminds me that I didn’t have that security and was too busy..to distracted to give it at times. I love the Joshua passage. We look for God, but it is God Who shows up and we are humbled and in awe. HE comes to us. But the passage that touched me the most was from John. I have pondered this a lot. It is a terrifying passage to me reminding me that if I don’t know my Savior’s voice, I won’t follow it and I will be left behind as all the other sheep follow and find good pasture. I have to listen. I have to trust that I hear and know God’s voice. I can’t be lazy or complacent with my attention to God. Be still and KNOW.

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