Who We Are

Our Mission

To know the race we are to run and the rest that refuels.

Run Hard. Rest Well. (RHRW), founded in 2008 and supported by a team of experts, spotlights a new way of life that honors biblical rhythm, restores margin and empowers us for the race we run. Learning to live by the motto, “Run hard. Rest well.” restores rhythm and reorientates our lives to the priorities we profess.

Our Team

Brenda Jank
Brenda Jank, Founder • Albion, IN

Purposeful, passionate and compelled by God’s Word, Brenda is a storyteller focused on equipping leaders of all ages to create a biblical culture of work, rest and rhythm for those they lead, love and influence. Founder of Run Hard. Rest Well., Brenda speaks from coast to coast and has written for Leadership Journal, Focus on the Family, Discipleship Journal, and multiple Christianity Today publications. Outnumbered and outwitted, Brenda and her husband, Tim, enjoy the antics of their five children – most of the time. Learn more about Brenda on the home front.

Nate Lowe, Teaching Team

With a Ph.D. in Educational Leadership and 23 years as a teacher, coach, and administrator, Nate is a master at running hard and is learning the art of resting well. RHRW has been a life-restoring journey for him, his wife, and 3 children over the last 6 years. Nate is now the Chair of School Administration Programs at Indiana Wesleyan University. He also sits on the board of World Gospel Mission and Noble Educational Initiatives. Nate brings humor and an interactive teaching style to his retreats and workshops. His working knowledge of both public and private school culture, church leadership dynamics, and the non-profit ministry world make for engaging and practical learning.

Angela LaSalle, MDMedical AdvisorFt. Wayne, Indiana
Nate Lowe, PhDData AnalystIndiana Wesleyan University
Laura PoundsAdministrative AssistantAlbion, Indiana
Lynn BickhamEvent ManagerAlbion, Indiana
Joshua VandercarWeb Designer & DeveloperFt. Wayne, Indiana
Bethany AndrewsMinistry DevelopmentAlbion, Indiana
Michelle HoffscheneiderDesign StrategyFt. Wayne, Indiana